Explore your passion in a variety of fields.
Global Online Academy at MCDS

A unique opportunity for MCDS high school students to take a variety of courses and connect with an international community of passionate, motivated peers.

MCDS is the only school in Wisconsin with access to GOA courses

Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Global Online Academy (GOA) is a nonprofit consortium of more than 110 independent schools representing 27 countries and over 30 states. GOA reimagines learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society.

Our partnership with GOA gives MCDS high school students exciting new opportunities that aren't available anywhere else in the state:

  • Connect with other students throughout the United States and internationally.
  • Explore interests in a variety of fields far beyond what's available in typical high school classes

GOA's semester classes are available to high school students at no additional charge.

Explore your passion in a variety of fields.

GOA courses change every semester: Learn more here.

Examples of GOA courses taken recently by MCDS students:

Fiction Writing
Medical Problem Solving I
Introduction to Psychology
Prisons and the Criminal Law
Genocide & Human Rights
Climate Change and Global Inequality
Introduction to Legal Thinking