A generous tuition assistance program supports our efforts to enroll qualified students regardless of financial status.

Our robust need-based program is available to students in Kindergarten through grade 12 and is awarded annually. Since eligibility for tuition assistance is need-based, rather than solely based on income, we can take into consideration all of the demands on a family budget. These may include multiple children at an independent school, business ownership, caring for elderly parents, changes in job status, and more.

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQ

How do I apply for Financial Aid

Here is the application. If you have questions about the application process, please email

Financial aid is available for new & returning students entering grades K-12. Please note, tuition assistance is not available for pre-kindergarten and international students.

What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

We give preference to all returning families who apply for financial aid for the 2023–2024 school year by January 15, 2023. For new families, submit your financial aid application when you apply to MCDS. All families, both new & returning, can apply after the deadline. Our financial aid budget is finite, and awards are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When will I hear about my award?

We usually process awards within 10 business days of the application completion. We may not be able to process your application without your tax return. If more documents are required, you will hear from the school. Please make sure you submit all documentation requested. Your application will be processed once we receive all the documentation, and once your student(s) have been accepted to the school. You are always welcome to email to check on the status of your application.

Can you estimate what my award will be?

The only way to determine your award is to apply. Each family’s situation is different. We are not able to give you an estimate without seeing your full application materials. Our tuition award percentages range from 1% to 95%.

Can I rely on receiving the same award each year?

Each FA recipient needs to reapply each year for financial aid. All financial aid awards are only for the upcoming school year. MCDS is committed to our returning families and seeks to update award amounts each year based on the tuition increase, the approved FA budget for the school, family income changes, or other special circumstances. However, we can’t guarantee your award will stay the same from year to year—although most families see a similar award to prior years.

Who will know about my award?

Confidentiality is strictly observed by MCDS for all financial aid matters. The only people at MCDS who see your information and award are the Financial Aid committee and the Business Office. We also ask that families not discuss their awards with others in order to preserve the confidentiality of the process.

My taxes aren't done for this year. How do I complete my application?

We can accept your most recent tax returns, even if it’s from a prior year. If you do not file US or state tax returns, please email to discuss what documentation will be required. 

I am a business owner. How will you account for that?

MCDS appreciates the unique financial situation that business ownership can create. We have many aid applicants who are business owners, and there are questions on the application that apply only to business owners. If you have a unique business ownership situation that you feel was not represented on your application please email email

I am a single parent. How do I file my application?

All legal parents and step-parents, whether they are custodial or not, must complete the application. They can do so together or individually. In certain situations we can accept an application from only one parent:

  • The second parent is deceased
  • The first parent supplies an official court document stating that the second parent does not contribute toward educational expenses and does not participate in educational decisions for the student(s).

If a single parent has remarried, both the parent and the step-parent must include their information on the application.

If these or any other custodial or legal situations apply, we encourage you to email to discuss your situation and how to proceed.

What happens if my financial situation changes during the year?

MCDS is committed to our families. We will work with you to help manage your school account should your financial situation change. We may be able to provide custom payment plans or additional financial aid to cope with an unexpected change. If you experience a financial situation change, please email to confidentially discuss your situation.

Grants, not loans

MCDS tuition assistance comes in the form of grants based on the financial need of the applying family. These grants are not loans, and require no repayment. For each applying candidate, we formulate a grant amount that covers the difference between the cost of tuition and what the family can afford to pay. The goal with our financial aid process is to provide a program that is simple, streamlined, and completely confidential.

Please note, tuition assistance is not available for pre-kindergarten and international students.